Womens Self Defense

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If you sit and think about it, we humans are exposed to violence on a daily basis. Now, although most of this violence is created by Hollywood, you have to wonder if it’s healthy for our minds. It’s always imperative to distinguish this “entertainment violence” from what’s real. Sadly it seems like some individuals have difficulty doing this. Well, let’s talk about real violence. Is it frequent in our world? Yes! Is it as severe and intricate as what’s depicted on television and film? Uh, not usually. Remember, one’s simply for entertainment value. Okay, I’m glad we settled that. On to the real stuff. With real violence, there needs to be real preparation on the side of the potential victims. This is why womens self defense is so widespread and encouraged now days. Are you ready?

It’s a bit of a stereotype to pinpoint the female gender when it comes to violence. However, women are more at risk. Statistics show that most violence is done by men, and most prefer a female target. Why? Because females are typically the physically weaker sex. Males hoping to do violence commonly want a weaker adversary. Someone they can control and dominate. This is why children are also common targets. Now, what about womens self defense? Well, there are a number of precautions women can take to prevent/avoid a violent attack. Mastering a martial art is generally not one of them. It’s been proven that awareness and quick thinking are much greater advantages. You should avoid bad areas, especially at night. This is common sense, right? You should always scan and be fully aware of your surroundings. This lets others know that you know what’s going on. It’s difficult to surprise someone like this. Also, you look confident and ready with your head held high. Assailants/criminals are looking for meek and unprepared individuals. They don’t want you acknowledging their presence from 30 feet away. So do it! Let folks know that YOU KNOW. This is awesome womens self defense.

Trust your intuition. This is a sort of sixth sense and it’s only there for one simple reason. To inform you of potential danger and keep you safe. Don’t dismiss it! And finally, when it comes to womens self defense, you should always use all available resources. Whether it’s something in your purse, your car horn to draw attention, or your car key to stab an eye with, just do what you need to and worry about it later. After all, this is your life we’re talking about here.

Tai Chi In The Modern World

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Gone are the days wherein Tai Chi is only recognized within the homes of those who made it. Tai Chi have become very popular to people nowadays. It is not recognized as a way of exercising but of treating and preventing certain ailments that can’t be done through ordinary medications alone. With all of its proven advantages and outcomes, Tai Chi was recognized as an exercise that doesn’t merely involve physical strength and outcome but also inner strength. Not only have Tai Chi become famous in the treatment industry but also in sports and tournaments.

Tai Chi in the Medical Aspect

Tai Chi grew as one of the most effective exercise to treat, prevent and boost certain systems in the human’s body. Classes were included in hospital programs that involve arthritis problems as their main course. It is also popular in clinics, senior and community centers and as well as those places wherein stress management is applied.

Stress, one of the leading causes of many ailments today is present almost everywhere. It can be a pinch or a bundle of stress. It is common in workplaces wherein you meet deadlines every waking day. It has been concluded that, with the help of the principles of Tai Chi and what it is doing to the body, stress can be reduced or better yet, eliminated and prevented. Some of these workplaces include Tai Chi as one of their programs for their beloved employees.

Self-defense, Aesthetic or Physical and Mental Benefits?

Tai Chi is both. Although, the result of its popularity in the modern world made people’s opinion has broken into three dividing beliefs. This is true especially to those who are already applying and practicing it. But however the opinions may pave its way, it always depends on how it is done. If you are practicing Tai Chi because you wanted peace of mind, body and soul, then be it. If you are using it for aesthetic (wushu) purposes, then let it be done that way. But if you enrolled in a Tai Chi class because you believe in the power of Tai Chi to help you get through defending yourself, then, for you, Tai Chi is for self-defense.

Thing is, wushu is made only for show. The forms that were done and taught are all designed to amass points in a competition. Wushu techniques are really not concerned with any of the physical, mental and martial art aspect of Tai Chi. Instead, it is done to impress judges of certain tournaments.

But traditional stylists has this belief that martial arts and health are strictly necessary in the convergence of Tai Chi. Elements of the yin and yang must be there. Tai Chi schools still include their teachings in a martial art concept whatever their students” intentions may be.

Tai Chi, like Yoga, is one of the fastest and most famous growing health maintenance and fitness program in the U.S.


A standardized form of Tai Chi competition, wushu had made it big as a Chinese sport. Rules for the competition were made to be succeeded within six minutes. It was formed by the Chinese Sports Committee and made many different forms of the competition.

Modern versions have become a very integral part of the international tournament. Tai Chi has also been included in movies and in very important competitions like the Asian Games.

The Techniques Of Muay Thai

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A majority of the offensive techniques that are used in Muay Thai utilize a students hands, feet, elbows, and knees to strike an opponent. In order to bind the opponent for both defensive and offensive reasons, there is a small amount of grappling on the feet that is used – the clinch.

The clinch occurs when someone gets in your circle of radius, inside of your comfort zone. To execute knees and short kicks from the inside, the clinch can be very useful. The Thai fighter makes great use of the clinch, tying up on opponent on the feet then pounding his stomach, ribs, knees, and legs with brutal knees. Knees are very popular techniques with Muay Thai, as Thai fighters spend a lot of time training their strikes – especially knees and elbows.

Although high kicks to the opponents head looks amazing during the fights, experienced Thai fighters always say that knees and elbows have a lot more impact, and they do the most damage to the body. If a Thai fighter is very experienced and has enough power in his strikes, he can quickly and easily kill someone with his techniques.

In all Muay Thai techniques, two in particular have become very popular with other styles of martial arts.

The roundhouse kick The roundhouse Thai kick is a very useful technique for both self defense and competitions, proving to be very efficient when it is executed properly. Thai stylists execute the roundhouse kick by a straight leg and the entire body rotating out from the hip. The hip is locked shortly before the thrown leg makes impact with the opponent. If executed properly, the roundhouse kick can easily render someone unconscious.

The low kick The low kick is a common Muay Thai attack, that involves a circular movement from the stylist’s body to kick the opponent in his upper shin area. If the low kick isn’t blocked or defended, it can quickly lead to fight being ended. After a few well placed low kicks, the opponent will be unable to put pressure on his legs due to the bruising, and will eventually crumble.

With other martial arts styles, such as Tae Kwon Do, stylists use snapping kicks that are indeed faster to execute, although they have less power. Muay Thai on the other hand, teaches stylists to follow through with kicks, using the shin instead of the foot. Nearly all of the techniques involved with Muay Thai emphasis movement with the entire body, which means rotating the hip each time the stylist kicks, punches, or blocks. The techniques are slower, although they are far more powerful that techniques found in Tae Kwon Do and even Karate.

As a lot of people already know, the training and conditioning training found in Muay Thai is nothing short of legendary for the intensity and rigorous training. The training in Muay Thai aims to harden the weapons used in the martial art to a high degree. Students who have been training in Muay Thai for many years can absorb a beating, yet if they land a shin kick it will feel as if you have just been hit with a sledgehammer.

All in all, Muay Thai is a very dangerous martial art that teaches punishing blows with very little grappling. Thai stylists are physical strong, capable of taking an opponent out with just one well placed strike. Muay Thai is also one of the most well known and most popular styles in the world today – which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to study.